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PepsiCo Health & Nutrition Sciences (H&NS) is the bridge between evidence-based nutrition research and PepsiCo’s global business goals.

The team is made up of dedicated professionals who lead the interpretation of the science linking nutrition, diet and health, striving to advance nutrition across the PepsiCo portfolio.

Who We Are

A Dedicated Team of Nutrition Experts

The PepsiCo H&NS team has a strong academic foundation that leverages significant experience and proficiency in nutrition, dietetics, health promotion, and other health science related disciplines.

The team engages with key external stakeholders to educate about the role PepsiCo products play in increasing consumer choice and delivering a broader range of healthier products. 

In addition, the team also plays a critical role in contributing to the ongoing learning and education of internal stakeholders.

The H&NS team is part of the Life Sciences function, which brings together expertise in health and nutrition science and associated policy, sports science, external innovation, clinical operations and external engagement with health professionals and academics.  The Life Sciences team explores the relationships between nutrition, diet, health and performance through research and provides one voice for PepsiCo in the interpretation, communication and translation of science to support innovation.

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H&NS - A Qualified Team, Prioritizing Professional Development
Over 70% of the team are Registered Dietitians and/or have outstanding credentials such as PhDs or Masters of Science degrees
Over 225 years of cumulative experience on the PepsiCo H&NS team
Over 400 cumulative years of previous work in the nutrition sciences or clinical sciences field
Over 700 publications
Over 45 registered patents or patents pending
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