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This section offers tools and resources for educational development and professional use, in multiple areas of nutrition science. Free continuing education credit is available for specific resources.

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  • PepsiCo News Bites - Issue 1
    Key Topics Covered
    • Key dates
    • Get to know us
    • Upcoming events
    • Resource materials
  • Oatmeal Breakfast: Linked to a Better Diet Quality in Children
    Key Topics Covered
    • Oatmeal & diet quality
    • Whole grains
  • Physical Energy From Food vs. Mental Energy From Caffeine
    Key Topics Covered
    • Physical energy from food
    • Mental energy from caffeine
    • Results from well-designed studies on caffeinated beverages
  • Dietary Fiber: Essential to Digestive Health
    Key Topics Covered
    • Fiber and digestive health
    • Properties of fiber
    • Sources of fiber
  • A Map to FODMAPs
    Key Topics Covered
    • What FODMAPs are and food sources
    • The low FODMAP diet
    • Role of FODMAPs in IBS symptoms
  • Probiotics: Can Help Support Gut Health
    Key Topics Covered
    • Probiotics & digestive health
    • What probiotics are and how they work
  • Hydration 101, Healthy Adults
    Key Topics Covered
    • Role of water within the body
    • Fluid intake recommendations for healthy adults
    • Dehydration symptoms and signs for healthy adults
  • Hydration 101, Healthy Aging
    Key Topics Covered
    • Role of water within the body
    • Fluid intake recommendations for older adults
    • Dehydration symptoms and signs for older adults
  • Hydration 101, Children and Adolescents
    Key Topics Covered
    • Fluid intake recommendations
    • Dehydration symptoms and signs
    • Hydration tips for parents & caregivers
  • Gut Check: The Dietitian Download on Prebiotics and Probiotics
    Key Topics Covered
    • Define probiotics and prebiotics
    • Discuss how probiotics and prebiotics work within the gut microbiota
    • Earn 1.0 CPEU