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  • Sharing Your “Good News Folder”
    Key Topics Covered
    • Deconstructs the history of Imposter Syndrome
    • Explores new research on why dietitians and dietetic students experience IS 
    • Reviews common thoughts and feelings associated with IS 
    • Shares what the nutrition and dietetics community can do to mitigate the negative effects of IS 
    FREE 1.00 CPEU
  • Introducing pep+ (PepsiCo Positive)
    Key Topics Covered
    • Positive agriculture
    • Positive value chain
    • Positive choices
  • API Scientific Expert Panel (XP) 2021
    Key Topics Covered
    • Advances in Personalized Nutrition Reaching Consumers in New Ways
  • Podcast Interview by Progress, Potential, and Possibilities (PPP)
    Key Topics Covered
    • Delivering actionable personalized nutrition solutions



  • Tufts Food & Nutrition Innovation Summit 2021
    Key Topics Covered
    • Consumer insights related to Personalized Nutrition
    • Personalized Nutrition Solutions developed by PepsiCo
  • Addressing the Intersection of Sustainability and Nutrition: Guidance for Your Practice
    Key Topics Covered
    • Components of a sustainable eating pattern
    • Steps that the food industry is taking to address sustainability across the supply chain 
    • How RDNs can help patients, clients and everyday consumers make more sustainable food choice
    FREE 1.25 CPEU
  • What is a Plant-Based Eating Pattern?
    Key Topics Covered
    • Common plant-based eating patterns
    • Potential health benefits associated with eating plant-based foods
  • PepsiCo News Bites - Volume 2, Issue 2
    Key Topics Covered
    • Get to know us
    • Upcoming events & CPEU opportunities
    • Resources & materials
    • Research news
    • Product spotlights
  • Unpacking Preconceptions about Packaged Foods
    Key Topics Covered
    • Describe how personal biases impact (or influence) nutrition recommendations.
    • Identify common ingredients used during food & beverage processing and their function/usage, benefits, and safety.
    • Understand how food/beverage ingredients are regulated in the U.S
    FREE 1.25 CPEU
  • Food Additives: A Quick Guide
    Key Topics Covered
    • Definition of a food additive

    • Types of food additives and their benefits and function