API Scientific Expert Panel (XP) 2021


API Center hosts annual Scientific Expert Panel meetings to share subject matter knowledge from experts in the field and focus on the challenges and opportunities in PN.


Click on the webinar links below to hear what the experts had to say.


Topic Speaker
Introduction Dr, Antonio Tataranni, Sr, VP R&D
Overview of Personalized Nutrition – Evolution and Opportunities José Ordovás
Personalized Nutrition and Healthy Aging (Health Span) Brian Kennedy
Biological Age is a Universal Marker of Aging, Stress, and Frailty Peter Fedichev
Opportunities for Personalized Nutrition in the Asian Population David Cameron-Smith


Disclaimer: “The views and opinions of the experts are those of the expert and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of PepsiCo”. 


Key Topics Covered
  • Advances in Personalized Nutrition Reaching Consumers in New Ways