Lifting the Veil on How Food is Made: A Science-Based Discussion

Description: Do you get questions from patients or clients about processed foods and beverages? This topic is often met with uncertainty, curiosity, and skepticism. During this recorded webinar, join PepsiCo Health and Nutrition Sciences for an engaging discussion featuring food and nutrition experts as they tackle this topic, share science-based information and answer YOUR questions.  
During this program, we will “lift the veil” and explore why certain types of processes are used and equip you with the tools to communicate to your patients and clients about how food is made.

Bruce Hamaker, PhD
Director of the Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research @Purdue University

Suja Senan, PhD
Associate Principal Scientist, Sports and Fitness Product Development
Breakthrough Innovation @PepsiCo

Elizabeth Hall, PhD, RDN, LDN
Corporate/Retail Registered Dietitian @Food City


Key Topics Covered
  • Explain different types of food & beverage processes and how they contribute to taste, food safety, and nutritional value 
  • Understand how food is made at a large consumer packaged goods company 
  • Provide science-based answers to questions about processed foods and beverages from patients and clients