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  • Sweetness Consumption Trends in the US
    Key Topics Covered
    • New metric that captures sweetness from total sugars plus low-calorie sweeteners
    • Trends in the sweetness of the US diet from 2001 to 2018
  • Oats & Digestive Health
    Key Topics Covered
    • How oats can help support a healthy digestive system
    • Ways to help clients close the fiber gap
  • Hungry For a Different Path: Dietitians & The Food Industry
    Key Topics Covered
    • The evolution of the dietitian
    • Dietitians & the food industry
    • Tips & advice for advancing a career in dietetics
  • Sound Bites® Podcast Episode 214: The Science of Sweetness – Dr. Kees de Graaf & Dr. Colin Rehm
    Key Topics Covered
    • Understand the importance of measuring the level of sweetness in the diet
    • Describe methodologies used to study sweetness in the diet
    • Summarize trends in the sweetness in the U.S. diet over the recent decades and the implications of that research
    1.00 FREE CPEU
  • Symptom Management Journal
    Key Topics Covered
    • Symptom recording
    • Bristol Stool Chart
    • High FODMAP foods & low FODMAP swaps
  • Nutritious Snacking to Help Bridge Nutrient Gaps
    Key Topics Covered
    • Contribution of snacks toward food groups & nutrients
    • Snack ideas
  • Low FODMAP Bare Strawberry Banana Oat Muffins
    Key Topics Covered
    • Low FODMAP certified recipe
  • Sharing Your “Good News Folder”
    Key Topics Covered
    • Deconstructs the history of Imposter Syndrome
    • Explores new research on why dietitians and dietetic students experience IS 
    • Reviews common thoughts and feelings associated with IS 
    • Shares what the nutrition and dietetics community can do to mitigate the negative effects of IS 
    1.00 FREE CPEU
  • Introducing pep+ (PepsiCo Positive)
    Key Topics Covered
    • Positive agriculture
    • Positive value chain
    • Positive choices
  • API Scientific Expert Panel (XP) 2021
    Key Topics Covered
    • Advances in Personalized Nutrition Reaching Consumers in New Ways