Emerging science on whole grain intake and inflammation

Sang S., Idehen E., Zhao Y., & Chu Y. (2020). Emerging science on whole grain intake and inflammation. Nutrition Reviews, 71(S1), 21-28. doi: 10.1093/nutrit/nuz079



Although the biological mechanisms surrounding the widely reported association between whole grain (WG) consumption and reduced risk of several diseases are not fully understood, there is growing evidence suggesting that inflammation may be an essential mediator in this multifaceted process. It also appears that several mechanisms influence the modulatory actions of WGs on inflammation, including the effect of fiber, phytochemicals, and their microbial-derived metabolites. While some of these effects are direct, others involve gut microbiota, which transform important bioactive substances into more useful metabolites that moderate inflammatory signaling pathways. This review evaluates emerging evidence of the relationship between WGs and their effects on markers of subclinical inflammation, and highlights the role of fiber, unique WG phytochemicals, and gut microbiota on the anti-inflammatory effects of WG intake.