Sharing Your “Good News Folder”

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2-3 PM EST

Description: Have you ever attributed your career success to external reasons and not your true abilities, knowledge, or expertise? Do you know someone who believes they do not deserve professional accolades because they feel they are not competent or worthy? These are telling signs of Impostor Syndrome (IS). And according to new research, many in the nutrition and dietetics community experience it. Join Imposter Syndrome expert and presenter Matthew Landry, PhD, RD, for this interactive virtual event as he: 

  • Deconstructs the history of Imposter Syndrome
  • Explores new research on why dietitians and dietetic students experience IS 
  • Reviews common thoughts and feelings associated with IS 
  • Shares what the nutrition and dietetics community can do to mitigate the negative effects of IS 

Dr. Landry will explain how the concept of having a “good news folder” can help the nutrition and dietetics field overcome self-doubt and be a tangible reminder of professional achievements and successes!

Mary Brauchla from PepsiCo Health and Nutrition Sciences team will moderate the session and share from the team’s “good news folder” about the launch of the new PepsiCo Health Care Professionals Portal!


Access the webinar recording HERE.

Once you have finished viewing the webinar, the CPEU certificate can be downloaded HERE

Start your own “good news folder” with these resources and the highlights reel featured during the event: 

PepsiCo resources featured during this event:


Moderated By: 

Mary Brauchla, PhD, MPH

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Matthew J. Landry, PhD, RDN, LDN

Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford Prevention Research Center, Stanford University ​

Matthew Landry